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  • Name: Oliver Dabnor
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Born on the banks of the river Amazon to famed explorers, Skidiot was adopted by tribesfolk, when his parents were killed by talking gorillas. Fortunately, mandroid, the mechanical servant, taught him the ways of the west and when he was old enough, introduced Skidiot into western high society, where he reclaimed his parents' holding from the dastardly Baron Darrkmoore. Later, Skidiot went on to found a gentleman's club, dedicated to fighting evil wherever it arises and seeking out discovery and knowledge. To date, the society has defeated several zeppelin armardas, numerous wizards, destroyed two volcano lairs, repelled one martian invasion and furthered mankind's scientific understanding immeasurably, not to mention various voodoo practitioners, triads, mafiosa and whatever else that it's members have defeated.

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Scientific discovery, global exploration and fighting for the safety of the world